{meal prep}

I am very new to this meal prepping thing, this is my second week. I have to say, so far, I LOVE it! I hope it is not just the “new-ness” of the whole idea, and that I continue to love prepping my meals. I have been prepping for three to four days at a time. Last week I prepped for meals 2, 3, and 4. This week I added meal 5 as well! Here are some of my IG pictures from my very new found love that is meal prep.


Yes, that is my very own mini fridge…just for my new tupperware obsession and prepped meals 🙂


This is an example of my meal prep this week. Meal 1 changes daily, depending on my workout that morning and what I feel like {and more importantly how much time I have!}. Meal 6 also changes on what I feel like and what macros I have left to fill. What are macros, you say? That will be a future post! But if you can’t wait, google {if it fits your macros, or iifym}. Sometimes {most days} there is a meal 7 somewhere in there as well.


Do you meal prep, if not, let’s try it out together and join me on my meal prep adventure?? Let me know if you do!!
Peace Out~

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