{back on point}


Yes, I fell off the blogging bandwagon. No, I did not fall off the fitness bandwagon. I felt like I was hitting a plateau in both my blog and my lifting. My blog, because I just can’t get use to wordpress. I don’t love this format that I have, but I love parts of the look I have going, just not the format, and I’m a blogging idiot! Finally, I had a little breakthrough in my fitness and was FINALLY able to to squat over 100 {115 for 5 reps on my last set!}, not a huge amount of weight to squat but to me it was more that I was breaking through that plateau. I had also been stuck around 180 for lying leg presses, finally hit 200 for 6 reps in the same workout as my squat break through!

This brings me to stretching. Do you stretch? I don’t. Okay, that’s not true, just that I don’t as much as I should. I have crazy tightness in my legs, and I think that has been preventing me from gaining the strength and muscle gains that I have been wanting. My tight muscles, means I do not have maximum mobility and function in the muscle. Meaning I can’t do lifts to my fullest potential, which makes me frustrated. Moving on to yoga, I follow some amazing Yogi’s on my instagram. I have always been in awe of them and their abilities in such strength, balance, and flexibility. They are truly incredible!

I can only dream of one day having their ability at yoga! I would love to learn more, and I have an app on my phone but it just isn’t doing it for me. Back bends are crazy hard for me, this I would love to get better at. Headstands and handstands, I can do the tripod and up into a headstand and hold it for about 6 seconds, lol. I really would love to take a class, but have two problems in that: 1. time, stay at home mom’s don’t have someone to watch their kids during the day. 2. money, saving more is my New Year resolution.

I’m hoping if I just do a little bit of yoga everyday, it will help with my mobility/flexibility, and in turn help me through my plateau. What do you do when you feel like you are at a plateau or just feel like changing things up??

Peace Out~


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