{lift some weights}

Here are a couple of workouts I put together and did last week. I meant to share them earlier, but time gets the best of me! I’ve been really trying to work on my deltoid muscles, and the shoulder & back workout I did hit them pretty good! As always, legs, legs, legs. I’m slowly seeing some small gains in my quads and hamstrings. I’m being patient and getting stronger! I keep a journal or log of my workouts. I write the date, what I did {reps and sets}, what weight I lifted, and how long the workout took. {If you don’t keep a log or journal on your workouts, I highly recommend you try it}

Looking in the mirror I’m seeing progress in my legs, but not even close to the progress in my upper body. Then the other day I was flipping back through my journal and stumbled to a leg workout from November 2013. I was shocked! Why? Well, back in November I was doing leg presses with 90 pounds, last week I did leg presses with 180 pounds! Dead lifts I was lifting 65 pounds, now I’m up to 115 pounds. Squats I was lifting 55 pounds, last week I did squats with 110 pounds! Although it might not be a lot of weight to be lifting and I have goals to be able to lift heavier, I was in shock to realize I have doubled the amount of weight I could lift just four months ago. FOUR months, let’s just say I’m excited to see what I can do after four more months.

As promised, a couple of workouts to keep you busy at the gym!



Let me know if you have any questions on the workouts, or if you give them a try let me know how it goes!
Peace Out,

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