{what do you weigh?}


Do you know what you weigh? I can honestly say that I have NO idea what I weigh, I think I could give a pretty close guess but in the end it is just a number. A number that shouldn’t have the ability to determine your mood or how you feel about yourself. Have you seen that commercial that has women get on a scale in the center of Time Square? When they get on the scale it is positive WORDS instead of a number! That is how we need to feel about our bodies, positive! That doesn’t mean that you might not what to change something about your body, but instead of getting caught up in what the scale says get caught up in how you feel! And then work hard to achieve your goals, hard work always pays off!

I was never really one that weighed myself a lot, but I do remember a few times getting caught up in the scale and seeing a lower number made me happier. I ask myself now, why did that number determine that I was happier than before I stepped on the scale? I weighed the same before I saw the number as after. How can one number have so much power over a person? I gave it that power! And now I have taken that power away!! Today I weighed myself in terms of how I feel. I feel STRONG! I feel HAPPY! I feel HEALTHY! I feel GRATEFUL! I feel AMAZING!!!

How do you weigh in today?!

Peace Out~


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