{double time}

I have been changing it up a little the last couple of weeks. Lifting four days a week, with cardio the other three. My lifting days consist of one or two supersets and doing 10 sets in total, starting with high reps (50-40) and light weight (a weight that will bring me to failure for each set). Dropping sets until I get to 10 reps with heavy weight, and then going back up in reps while dropping weight. Sounds easy, right?! Wrong! Let me tell ya, doing my tenth set of Arnold presses at 50 reps with just 10 pound dumbbells was really difficult for me and pushed my limits to the max! I loved it!

Cardio days are 20 to 30 minutes of some kind of interval training. I had been doing elliptical 3 minutes medium resistance and pace, followed by 1 minute hard resistance and pace. Then I found some big tires in the back of the gym, and a sledge hammer in the utility closet {no I’m not a crazy snooper, I work there one day a week}. Breaking out into my happy dance! SO, yesterday for my cardio I did some sledgehammer work to warm up, followed by a great doubles kettlebell workout. I set my gymboss timer to 20/10 and did 10 rounds with the sledgehammer, switching sides each round. This got my heart rate up and my body ready for a great kettlebell circuit!

If you haven’t tried doing double kettlebell movements, you have to try it. It brings more focus and a entire new level to kettlebells! I used two 25 pound kettlebells {if you have them in kg, that would be two 12s}. Grab your bells and don’t put them down until you are finished with all three movements. Rest after each circuit, repeat. I did about 20 minutes, it made for a fun cardio day!! Way more fun than the elliptical, in my opinion!

Grab two bells and give doubles a go!!
Peace out~