{what do you weigh?}


Do you know what you weigh? I can honestly say that I have NO idea what I weigh, I think I could give a pretty close guess but in the end it is just a number. A number that shouldn’t have the ability to determine your mood or how you feel about yourself. Have you seen that commercial that has women get on a scale in the center of Time Square? When they get on the scale it is positive WORDS instead of a number! That is how we need to feel about our bodies, positive! That doesn’t mean that you might not what to change something about your body, but instead of getting caught up in what the scale says get caught up in how you feel! And then work hard to achieve your goals, hard work always pays off!

I was never really one that weighed myself a lot, but I do remember a few times getting caught up in the scale and seeing a lower number made me happier. I ask myself now, why did that number determine that I was happier than before I stepped on the scale? I weighed the same before I saw the number as after. How can one number have so much power over a person? I gave it that power! And now I have taken that power away!! Today I weighed myself in terms of how I feel. I feel STRONG! I feel HAPPY! I feel HEALTHY! I feel GRATEFUL! I feel AMAZING!!!

How do you weigh in today?!

Peace Out~


{on a quest}


I really, really, really like quest bars. I am getting low, so this morning I placed an order and now I have my favorites on the way! I’m trying out the NEW Cookies and Cream flavor, can’t wait to try it!!! What other flavors did I order? My all time favorite {and my boys’ favorite, close with cookie dough} is White Chocolate Raspberry, I always run out of this first. Always. Then it is a close second and third with Apple Pie and Double Chocolate Chunk. Three of my favorite Quest Bars with a new flavor to try, let’s just say Tuesday will be a happy day for me {delivery is Tuesday!}. They have SO many  flavors, from peanut butter and jelly, cinnamon roll, chocolate brownie, to vanilla almond crunch, and about everything in between. You are bound to find a flavor you can’t live without! I buy my quest bars from Amazon.com, I’m a prime member so I get free 2 day shipping on them. I’ve priced them out other places and so far this is where I can find the best deals. A box of 12 ranges from $24 to $30 {with free shipping}, depends on the flavor {newer flavors are generally a few bucks more}.


As a busy mom, a quest bar can really help me out when I need to eat something ASAP and have not prepped! For my son with SPD, chewy things are great for him{chewy foods help calm his brain!}as is protein, making quest bars a perfect fit. He loves them, and I love that they help him and are not a piece of candy {tootsie rolls are recommended to help him if he is having sensory overload, now we turn to a quest bar}.


If you are on the lookout for a protein bar, or an on the go protein packed snack, I highly recommend Quest Nutrition and their crazy good protein bars. I have yet to try their pasta or Quest Cravings {chocolate peanut butter cups!}, but I imagine I will.

Are you on a quest?

Peace Out,


{ladies, let’s grow some muscle}

I read a good article the other day {I will share it if I can find it} and it really hit the nail on the head on how women need to change their way of thinking when it comes to building muscle. So many women have this misconception in their mind that if they build muscle they are going to get huge, manly muscles, so they use the word “toned”. “I don’t want big muscles, I just want to be toned.” What does toned even mean? Are you saying you want arms that don’t jiggle,  a nice shapely shoulder? Or maybe you want a butt that isn’t flat or doesn’t jiggle? Do you want lean {tight} legs, and maybe be able to see some abdominal definition? Guess what, to have that “toned” body you are after you have to grow some muscle! It’s your body fat percentage that is going to determine how much of your muscle is going to show. That is, if you have muscle. Go check out the get in shape girl. She wrote a blog post all about this topic. Here is a small excerpt from that post written by Kyra Williams:

First of all, we all have muscles.  Some folks have bigger muscles than others just by their genetic make up.  Some have worked hard to develop some muscles more than others.  If your goal is to have lean muscle tone, then you desire the appearance of muscle with little body fat.  If this is what you want, you must develop your muscles.

 If you have a low body fat with underdeveloped muscle tissue, you are not going to see muscle tone or definition.  Think, skinny arms, flat stomach, skinny legs, little butt, etc.  If you have low body fat with developed muscles you will see a nice round booty, a side sweep of the quad, shoulder caps, abs, etc.  But you have to develop that muscle!

She also explains a scenario of someone who has a larger number of body fat to lose, and how gaining and building muscle is very important. When you gain muscle, it speeds up your metabolism!

Normally I like to keep my blog posts short, but this one got a little longer. I practice what I preach, and here is my muscle building workout I did today, give it a try! I warmed up for 10 minutes on the elliptical in cross country setting, think hills, big hills. Total workout took me under 40 minutes!


Now let us all embrace the word muscle!

Peace Out,


{back on point}


Yes, I fell off the blogging bandwagon. No, I did not fall off the fitness bandwagon. I felt like I was hitting a plateau in both my blog and my lifting. My blog, because I just can’t get use to wordpress. I don’t love this format that I have, but I love parts of the look I have going, just not the format, and I’m a blogging idiot! Finally, I had a little breakthrough in my fitness and was FINALLY able to to squat over 100 {115 for 5 reps on my last set!}, not a huge amount of weight to squat but to me it was more that I was breaking through that plateau. I had also been stuck around 180 for lying leg presses, finally hit 200 for 6 reps in the same workout as my squat break through!

This brings me to stretching. Do you stretch? I don’t. Okay, that’s not true, just that I don’t as much as I should. I have crazy tightness in my legs, and I think that has been preventing me from gaining the strength and muscle gains that I have been wanting. My tight muscles, means I do not have maximum mobility and function in the muscle. Meaning I can’t do lifts to my fullest potential, which makes me frustrated. Moving on to yoga, I follow some amazing Yogi’s on my instagram. I have always been in awe of them and their abilities in such strength, balance, and flexibility. They are truly incredible!

I can only dream of one day having their ability at yoga! I would love to learn more, and I have an app on my phone but it just isn’t doing it for me. Back bends are crazy hard for me, this I would love to get better at. Headstands and handstands, I can do the tripod and up into a headstand and hold it for about 6 seconds, lol. I really would love to take a class, but have two problems in that: 1. time, stay at home mom’s don’t have someone to watch their kids during the day. 2. money, saving more is my New Year resolution.

I’m hoping if I just do a little bit of yoga everyday, it will help with my mobility/flexibility, and in turn help me through my plateau. What do you do when you feel like you are at a plateau or just feel like changing things up??

Peace Out~



And you know what happens on Friday, right? Flexing, of course, haha. Yes, it is flex friday, so here is my contribution. {this picture was taken a few days ago, so technically it isn’t a true flex friday, but what do ya do}


Here are a couple of workouts I did this week {also http://www.bodybuilding.com is a great place to get ideas for putting together a great lifting workout}

The above picture was taken after the Biceps & Triceps workout I have in the post below title {excuses}.

Here is my Chest & Back workout from this week:

  • Warm-up with nike training club app. doing GET FOCUSED/core cruncher/15 minutes and you need a medicine ball {1 minute v-ups, 1 minute full extensions, 1 minute suitcases, 1 minute side plank crunches, 1 minute frogger with swivel, 1 minute v-ups, 1 minute full extensions, 1 minute suitcases, 1 minute side plank crunches, 1 minute frogger with swivel, 1 minute plank, 2 minute side plank, 1 minute opposite arm/leg supermans, 1 minute kick downs}

  • Superset A: Bench Press & Lat. Pull-down {3 sets, 8-10 reps}

  • Superset B: Push-ups & Chin-ups {3 sets, 6-10 reps}

  •  Superset C: DB Incline Chest Press & BB Rows {3 sets, 8-10 reps}

My Leg workout from last night was a GREAT one, give it a try! {apparently it was leg day for everyone in the gym last night, everything that I wanted to use was already being used so I had to modify some stuff and of course did pull-ups when I had to wait for equipment I wanted}:

  • Warm-up: nike training app. GET FOCUSED/cardio burst, you need a jump rope {1 minute jump rope, 1 minute burpee, 30 seconds jump squats, 30 seconds split jump squats, 30 seconds lateral hopes in place, 1 minute broad jumps, 30 seconds recover, I repeated that circuit one more time to make it a 10 minute warm-up}

  • Superset A: Leg Curls & Leg Press {3 sets, 8-10 reps}

  • Superset B: Deadlifts & Step-ups {3 sets, 8-10 reps}

  • Superset C: Leg Extensions & Squats {3 sets, 8-10 reps}

  • Treadmill 6x 30sec. walk/30sec. jog/30sec. sprint

Now go get your flex on!
Peace Out~


It’s 4:32 am on Thursday morning, my alarm goes off. I hit snooze. Then it goes off again, I think about it a little longer, and then push snooze. Sleeping once again, it goes off for a third time. I’m so close to getting up, but then I don’t. I don’t push snooze this time, I just turn it off and go back to sleep. {sigh} I could come up with lots of reasons {excuses} why I didn’t get up to go to my workout, but the truth is I was just being lazy. Cue my brother’s Facebook status about him getting up that morning and hitting the gym even though he would have much rather stayed in bed. I just got one up-ed by my little brother, and then he adds that there is a guy in the guy that morning {who he sees on a weekly basis} that is blind, and my brother is wanting to know what your excuse is for not working out? Uuhhh, i needed that. Sometimes you just need a little push to get things done. My brother gave me that push yestreday {even though he doesn’t even know it}.

I wasn’t able to get to the the gym until late last night, but once I did I completely made up for my morning laziness! I often look at workouts on http://www.bodybuilding.com and then make up my own. Yesterday, however, I came across a bicep and tricep workout that looked awesome and I left it exactly how it was. No modifications needed. image

I did a warm up of 30 second wall sits, right into 30 second planks, seven times, and then five minutes on the elliptical. For the movements I have in the pictures above, I did 4 sets of each movement {some I did a warm up set with very little weight to get the blood pumping, followed by four sets of 10}. I did the superset to failure. I then finished up with more wall sits and planks, just like my warm up minus the elliptical. Of course, I did chin ups and pull ups in between my sets. I worked on going really slow on the way down from a chin up. This was such a great workout, I loved it!

What’s your excuse??!!
Peace Out~



Do you set goals for yourself? Honestly, I am not much of a goal setter myself. I tend to just take things in stride and go with the flow and let everything just play out, and then go from there. This I am trying to change. Setting goals in my fitness journey, and also just in life in general. Three months ago I set a goal to be able to do five pull-ups. At the time, I could just barely, and quite ugly I might add, squeak out one pull-up. I do pull-ups every week, and today I met my goal and busted out those five pull-ups!!! The last one wasn’t pretty and I almost didn’t get it, but I had that goal in my head and could not give up when I was that close! I know if I wasn’t thinking about meeting that goal, I would have been fine with four pull-ups and stopped. But, I didn’t stop and pushed through to find some inner strength to do just one more.

So, how did I go from one sad pull-up to five in three months. Lots and lots of assisted pull-ups. Love them. Hate them. It doesn’t matter, you just got to do them! That and lots of push-up. I don’t do high reps in push-ups. I would rather do 5 perfect push-ups, instead of 25 half ass push-ups. My next pull-up goal is to be able to do 10!

Goals people. Goals. 
No matter how small, now matter how big. Set them, and try your hardest to reach them!
Peace Out~
ps sorry to be MIA, I had a little set back with my knee acting up. It doesn’t feel 100% yet, but it is getting much better. I haven’t done any kettlebell workouts in two weeks and am getting anxiously to give it a try and see how my knee feels.