{600 ~ WOD}

I burned 600 calories this morning with the perfect WOD {workout of the day}, LEGS & ABS! These two are my weak point. I have “chicken legs” and with the amount of stretch marks I have {tons} I have loose skin at the bottom of my stomach. With that being said, I don’t dislike these parts of my body, in fact just the opposite, because that just means I can work a little extra hard on these areas;)

My workout was a mixture of HIIT cardio, supersets, trisets, and some plyo. Seriously, it was the perfect combination and I really loved this workout! If you try it, let me know what you think!

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Have an amazing weekend!
Peace Out~

{flex friday}


A little bit of transformation action being thrown in there with my flex friday shot this week. As you can see in the picture, my tiny baby abs are getting better and better! I thought my days of being bloated would never go away {I do have ulcerative colitis, and I thought it was the reason I was always bloated}. Now, with IIFYM, lifting, and HIIT workouts I have been bloat free for weeks. I feel amazing!

Another secret weapon in my “find those abs” mission is Tiny Tea by Your Tea. This teatox, as they call it, has left me feeling so refreshed and just plan good. The bloating is gone, the afternoon energy crash I ALWAYS had is gone, munchy cravings are gone. I really can’t say enough good things about Your Tea, they have amazing teas that will just make you feel good! You can check them out on instagram @yourtea or online http://www.yourtea.com. Guys, they also make a His Tea that is suppose to help those that lift.

tiny tea

I had a crazy day {to say the least!} yesterday, so today is my rest day. I will hit it hard tomorrow!!! Abs and Cardio, baby! Yesterday I got up super early and killed my chest and back {seriously, lifting chest & back is by far my favorite!} What is your favorite muscle group to workout??

Smile, it’s FRIDAY!!!!
Peace Out~

{a.m. workouts work best}

For me that is. Of course I would rather go in the afternoon, but that just isn’t going to happen for this momma! I normally have been waking up around 4:45am  (well, that is what time my alarm goes off…so….yeah…) to get into the kettlebell class that starts at 5:30am. To get a full lifting session in I need to get up by 4:30am and will be cutting it close to get home. One thing that is nice about getting up and getting it done is just that. It’s done. No thinking through the day about when I will or if I will be able to get that workout in. Get up. Get it done. Get home. Have a GREAT day.

This morning I did tri-sets for Arms & Shoulders. If you didn’t already know, tri-sets are three exercises or movements performed back to back with little to no rest in between. I normally do three or four different tri-sets in each workout. I will do 8-12 reps, and 4-5 sets for each movement in each tri-set. I take about a 60-90 second break in between tri-sets.

Shoulders And Arms Workout

Tri-Set 1 – Shoulders, 4 sets of 8 reps
A1 – Side Lateral Raise
A2 – Push Press – Behind the neck
A3 – Side Lateral Raise

Tri-Set 2 – Biceps, 5 sets of 8 reps
B1 – Barbell Spider Curl
B2 – Dumbbell Hammer Curl
B3 – Seated Dumbbell Curl

Tri-Set 3 – Triceps, 4 sets of 8 reps
C1 – Military Push Up (use knees if you have to)
C2 – Dips (weighted if you need to)
C3 – Triceps Pushdown

Check out the crazy socks I wore today to get me up and going, use what ever you need to get you motivated! Today, it was a pair of fun socks that got me motivated!

Find what works for you, and go with it!
Peace Out~

{gun show}

So, a brief (I’ll try, I promise) background. I had my first son in 2006, followed by a miscarriage, my second son in 2007, my third son in 2009, my second miscarriage in 2010, my third miscarriage in 2011, my forth son in 2011, and my forth miscarriage in 2013. Pretty easy math, that is eight pregnancies in seven years. My body has been through the wringer and back. In 2010 I became certified in kettlebells (RKC), but after those two miscarriages in 2010 and 2011 and then getting pregnant with my forth son I was taking a break from kettlebells. I had a hard time getting back into it after he was born and instead was doing body weight workouts, some P90, and running (I am NOT a runner!). I felt like I didn’t have time to exercise, but I knew that I am soooo much happier when I regularly workout. That was the challenge, really committing. After my last miscarriage (this past June), I decided enough was enough and I was going to make a change and MAKE the time to workout. I signed up for a Warrior Dash race and kept running. But it just didn’t seem like enough. It wasn’t doing it for me.

Late one night, at the end of July, I emailed our local kettlebell studio to see when I could start. I was up bright and early (5:30 am class!) the very next morning! So, I was doing kettlebells and some running. But that didn’t seem like enough. Still not doing it for me. I did a free 7 day trial at our local Anytime Fintess, and loved it. I have now started incorporating weight lifting! <—–This! This is what I love! THIS IS DOING IT FOR ME!!! I have since stopped running, besides some HIIT sprints or warm up jogging. I am trying my hardest to gain some muscle (my legs are my weakness, grow quads grow!!!). So here is my 1 1/2 month transformation pic from my instagram @mom4everboys. The top is the morning I started back at kettlebells (7/29/2013) and the bottom is 9/10/2013.


Make those gains!
Peace Out~