After I have a hard/intense workout, my go to recovery drink is coconut water. Don’t be confused with coconut milk, which is higher in fat and calories. Coconut water is just that, the liquid inside of a coconut. Why would I use it for a recovery drink? Coconut water is packed with rehydrating and muscle relaxing nutrients and comes completely from nature. It has fifteen times more potassium in it than a typical sports drink and about 50 calories in a serving, versus a sports drink coming in at over 200 calories. A serving {8 oz} of coconut water has almost 500mg of potasium! Even more than a banana. Unlike a banana, which has about 27g of carbs, coconut water only has 9g of carbs….AND has 2g of protein! Of course there are lots of great things out there for post workout recovery, and not saying any are better or worse, just that this is what I have been liking after my harder workouts. It is very refreshing for me and quenches my thirst! I like Naked brand and VitaCoco….because that is what I can get locally:)


What do you use or do for muscle recovery?
Peace Out~
{p.s. that Bodybuilding.com shaker bottle is the BOMB!!! First it doesn’t have a ball, instead the shaker part sits at the top of the bottle. Second it has two screw on compartments at the bottom to fit your protein powder and or supplements! I think it is called the spider shaker bottle. I only have this one, but from now on it will be the ONLY shaker bottle I will get…I got it free with my last bodybuilding.com order!}

{workout wednesday}


In the last three days I have lifted arms and shoulders, and then chest and back, and then did this beast of a workout. It doesn’t seem like much, but I can honestly say my shoulders feel like they are going to shred right off of my body!  So, the 20/10/20 format for these movements go as follows, 20 seconds in the movement, followed by a 10 sec static hold of the movement, followed by 20 more seconds of the same movement. Then a 10 second break and right into the next movement. I complete this entire circuit 4 times and it was about 30 minutes long, burning just over 300 calories!

One handed Kettlebell thrusters, this is essentially a squat with a press at the top. With this movement you can either have the static hold be in the press position {fully locked out} or in the squat position.

V-ups, the static hold is in the V shape!

Walk-outs, hold in a plank.

Mountain climbers, also hold in a plank.

Snatches, static hold at the top of the snatch.

Just like any of the workouts I post, this one can be modified and changed by adding in different movements. This is a lot of shoulders and upper body, maybe give it a try with lunges and more legs and glutes movements?!

Let me know if you give this bad boy a try, be prepared to feel the burn!
Peace Out~

{600 ~ WOD}

I burned 600 calories this morning with the perfect WOD {workout of the day}, LEGS & ABS! These two are my weak point. I have “chicken legs” and with the amount of stretch marks I have {tons} I have loose skin at the bottom of my stomach. With that being said, I don’t dislike these parts of my body, in fact just the opposite, because that just means I can work a little extra hard on these areas;)

My workout was a mixture of HIIT cardio, supersets, trisets, and some plyo. Seriously, it was the perfect combination and I really loved this workout! If you try it, let me know what you think!

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Have an amazing weekend!
Peace Out~

{workin’ on my fitness}

Here are a couple of workouts that I have posted on my instagram @mom4everboys , go check it out for more details on these workouts. As I get this blog going I will make sure to add them here! Stay tuned…


Now go workout! I promise you will not regret it!
Peace Out~
pssst: look for some meal prep posts in the near future, I just started meal prepping…watch out folks, this momma’s gettin’ shredded!